Peach Blossom Talisman (桃花符) – Taoist Talisman for Finding and Attract Love Immediately

In Taoist Sorcery, “Peach Blossom” Luck (桃花运) means a person who always attracts the opposite sexes easily and always surrounded by the opposite sexes. It can be good or bad for a person, depend whether the person is married or not married.

If a person is not yet married, having “Peach Blossom” Luck (桃花运) will be easy for him/her to fall in love and get married. But then… if after marriage, or a married person, who is full of “Peach Blossom” Luck (桃花运) will cause a person to have marital affairs and cause married couples to break up and lead to divorce. When coming to this situation, Destroy “Peach Blossom”(斩桃花) ritual is needed.

This article on “Peach Blossom” will focus on Attracting Love.

“Peach Blossom” Talisman(桃花符) shown above is one example of the many types of “Peach Blossom” Talismans. Different Taoist Sorcery Sects(or lineages) have their own unique form of “Peach Blossom” Talismans.

“Peach Blossom” Talisman(桃花符) is one of the talismans used in the “Peach Blossom” Ritual. The purpose of “Peach Blossom” Ritual is to improve the Love Luck of a person.

“Peach Blossom” Talisman(桃花符) and Ritual are often requested by folks who lack Love Luck. They are the ones that they feel they can’t seem to attract the opposite sexes. Without attraction and love, there is no way to lead to marriage (Unless match-make or force marriage by parents).

Many people think that guys who are rich can attract girls/ ladies/women easily and get married. This is not often true.
If You are a guy, who has a high-paying job, or who is rich, but yet still can’t seem to attract any girls/ladies /women to fall in love with You, You will be wondering how come with money, You still can’t get girls. You notice Your poor friends are getting married one by one but You are still Single.

Many people think girls/ ladies/ women who are pretty or beautiful can attract guys easily. Is that true?
If You are a girl/lady/ woman who thinks You are pretty (or beautiful), You will be wondering how come the guys are going after those Plain Janes and Your Ugly or Fat female friends / female colleagues are getting married or already married, but You are still desperately wishing a guy to go after You and can get married quickly.

Taoist Sorcery To Attract Love
With “Peach Blossom” Talisman (桃花符) and “Peach Blossom” Ritual, You will start to have folks of opposite sex coming after You and Fall In Love With You. Regardless of whether You are Poor Guy or Rich Guy, or Ugly Lady or Pretty (Beautiful), Lady. With “Peach Blossom” Talisman (桃花符), You will attract Love into Your life.

“Peach Blossom” Talisman (桃花符) will greatly increase your popularity and attractiveness to the opposite sex, making you feel irresistible and wanted. You can use this luck to rekindle old friendships, increase dating opportunities and eventually love and marriage.

If you are single and looking for love or looking for friendship, or in a relationship wishing to spark up some passion and romance, or wanting that long-awaited proposal to come, this is the Talisman to keep.

After getting married and settled down, remember to burn the talisman away, or else You will continue to attract the opposite sex and lead to marriage breakdown.

Articles source from Taoist sorcery website.

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