Magick Circle Revealed

The circle is the sacred space in which magick is worked, where you can meet with the Goddess and God. The word “circle” may be misleading, though, because actually what you are creating is a sphere that encompasses all participants and the altar.

The magick circle defines the ritual area, holds in personal power and shuts out all distractions and negative energies.

There are many ways to create a sacred space. It is more a result of the focusing of will than of the props and special effects.

First, you need to purify your self. It is common to take a bath, anointing yourself with oils. Relax yourself…meditation offers great help.

Set up your altar. An altar should have the following tools upon it:

  1. Two candles, preferably one white and one black for balance;
  2. Pentacle, necessary to consecrate tools upon;
  3. Athame, sacred knife for ceremonial use;
  4. White handled knife for cutting branches, herbs, etc…;
  5. Cauldron or a small earthen bowl for mixing things;
  6. Bowl of water, a bowl of salt;
  7. Incense holder and incense;

Those are basic tools…some people use bells, for ringing in the ritual and ringing out the ritual. Some have statues of the gods on their altar or other representations of the gods (horn for god, chalice for female, etc.), and some have more candles, colors representing the work they wish to do. You can also have other things on your altar…i have many stones and crystals on mine, seashells, fresh flowers, a picture of a dear friend of mine, feathers, trinkets from my past, poems written to the gods, my Book of Shadows, etc.

IMPORTANT. All this additional ‘tools’have a meaning for me and for the others like me. Through time and practice, I’ve discovered that some objects have a special ‘energy’that makes me comfortable and helps me. Think about this….and decorate your altar with the objects that you feel they have a special ‘energy’. You’ll get a better energy yourself and your spell results will be amazing.

After that, you need to combine the five elements Earth, Air, Fire, Water, and Spirit. Let’s see how it’s done:

Light the incenses and say: Element of Air I call you now, attend me.

Fill chalice with water or wine and say: Element of Water I call you now, attend me.

Hold some salt and say: Element of Earth I call you now, attend me. Pick up a red candle and say: Element of Fire I call you now, attend me.

The Element of Spirit may be your God or Goddess. Together these elements create our sacred space.

Basic Magick Circle Invocation of God or Goddess:

Oh, great Goddess/God/Name

I ask you as your child To open me to your mystic light,

And allow me to channel your power through me.

I pray to watch over me and my circle

And be with me in my sacred right.

Place the objects with their correspondent direction(fire – South, water – West, earth – North, air – East).


Now, that you have the tools of creation you may use them to create your sacred space – a place of balance between our world and the divine world. Pick up the athame and trace the circle clockwise. This is your sacred area. Visualize energy – your will – running out of your hand and through the tip of the athame creating a protective sphere of energy.

When ending the ritual and closing the circle approach the altar and say:

God/Goddess/Name, source of all,

I thank you

For Your Presence,

For Your Circle,

Blessed Be!

The Magick Circle Ritual is one of the most important rituals in magick. Use it each time you cast a spell.

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