Taoist Black Magic Talisman To Cause Sickness On Enemy

This is one rare example of Black Magic Talisman of Yin Shan Sect (阴山派) used in Chinese Black Magic Ritual.

Taoist Black Magic Talisman shown above is to cause Sickness on Your Enemy. Your Enemy’s name will be written on the XXX.

It can be placed and hidden on the ground at the corridor of his/her house or office/shop or the place he /she will walk over it. Once, he/she walks over the Talisman, he /she will fall sick.

If  You can’t place the Talisman near his location, then You can burn the talisman in front of his / her house or along the corridor he /she walks.

If You can’t get near to his location, You will need Your Enemy’s photo and his /her Address (Home/ Office/ Shop / Anywhere to reach him /her). Name and Address will also be written behind the Talisman. Your enemy’s Photo will be placed in front of the ash-tray ( to put the talisman while burning inside Your home) while You cast the spell by burning the Talisman. Burn the talisman at the comfort of Your own home, facing out the window or go outside Your house and face the open space.

The ghost servant will find it’s way to reach Your enemy’s location and do his work (To make Your Enemy falls Sick).

Articles source from Taoist sorcery website.

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