How to make spells work

How to make spells work

There are some things that you should know in order to make your spells work.

What we have been calling ‘magick’ is actually a continuous process. Since your subconscious never rests, your environment is continually being shifted into line with your model. This is true whether you study magick or not.

For most people, these effects are usually very subtle, and they are probably not aware of them.

Your mind follows your attention. Wherever you direct your attention, there will go your thoughts too. By directing attention to a specific place or purpose you *focus* mental energy upon it.

Balance is important in magick. Vary the entities invoked in order to keep your personality in balance.

A ritual may produce side-effects, usually, something similar to, though not exactly the desired goal. If the true goal is delayed (as sometimes happens) we may see the side effects first.

Like everything else, magick follows the ‘law of results’. This means that results require the effort of some kind. And if you don’t work hard enough at it you don’t get results. Difficult goals have greater resistance (magical inertia) to overcome. If the ritual doesn’t produce the desired results there is a good chance that the reason for the failure is within us. Be certain there is no contradiction between your model and your magical goals.

A peculiar quality of magick is time displacement. Results of a ritual are not usually instantaneous. There is often a delay of 12 hours or more. Difficult tasks or weakly performed ritual are more likely to be delayed.

Much has been made of the astrological influences of magick. In candle magick, the moon phase is the most important.

New Moon – If the goal you desire is one of a new beginning or a “start”, the best time to do this is during a New Moon (this is when the moon is dark in the sky). While many do not like to work with a New Moon, I have come to discover it’s one of my favorite times to work. This is the time I can to tie up loose ends, smudge the house, seal and protect. This is also a great moon to work with when you need to retreat a little bit and revive yourself. As it is the moon of “hidden knowledge” this would be an opportune time to try to ferret out information that you feel you need to know. Although the darkness in the sky is startling during a new moon, it is often associated with dormancy.We know the moon is still there, even though her reflection may be hidden. I prefer to think often of some of the darker sides of the Goddess or the darker Goddesses themselves.

Waxing Moon: While the moon is slowly filling in from a crescent on it’s way to full is the best time for work that “increases”. I find this an excellent time to do financial, job, attraction or anything else that needs “increasing” in volume or intensity.

Full Moon: The full beauty of a full moon night is enough to make you gasp. Ideally, this is the time for things to come to full fruition. I like to think that the Goddess can hear you better on a full moon, but seriously, whether culminating an “increase” to end on the full moon, or starting a “decrease” to begin on the full moon to decline over the course of a waning moon, the full moon has an advantage because it seems like our invocations and focus are all in high gear.

Waning Moon: When the moon is slowly crescent bit by bit into the new moon, this is an excellent time to work on banishing or getting things out of your life that you need let go of and leave behind. Again, if it’s taking you longer to let go of things or get rid of situations in your life that have outlived their usefulness.

Often, a situation might arise which must be dealt with immediately, and cannot wait until the appropriate lunar phase. Listen to your instinct, and act when you must.

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