About Me

This is a very special moment for me. For many years, I have been concealing my ability to predict events concerning the people surrounding me. I have also hidden my power to communicate to the deities and spirits.

I understand that not everyone will believe in the supernatural world in this modern era, especially when they are unable to see or feel them. I too was skeptical for a long time, I chose to ignore the occurrences that happened to me. I attributed them to be my pure imagination and convinced myself that I was but a normal person.

Ten years passed and I led my life daily just like anyone with a routine work and family life. I got married, had my own kid and was further affirmed that I do not differ from any others. It was until February 2017 that everything changed. I had a strange dream one night of an old man telling me that it was time for me to start compiling all the knowledge from the I-Ching books I knew and improve on the explanations of the hexagrams. I recognized this old man to be the same person who taught me I-Ching in my younger days. This was also the teacher whom I received my Shaman power from eventually. In retrospect, he was just like Lao Zi, the founder of Tao De Jing.

The dream was, therefore, a sign for me. I knew immediately I had to start on the “homework” I was assigned. And this will be a mission for life. I decided to set up in the hope of improving the accuracy of each hexagram’s meaning progressively over time. Since English is my first language, I will start off with it as the main language for my website. Perhaps I will also include Chinese as soon as I have the time to translate everything. Kindly bear with me while I get more organized.

You may be curious to know by now how I became a Shaman. Well, I would like to tell you that we all have a guardian angel beside us. It can be a deity, an animal, gods or even spirits who may be your ancestors. Once you are able to activate your six senses or some call seven senses, you will be able to communicate with them and they may even impart to you what they know about you and your powers. By these, I do mean to say that every one of us is capable of finding the Shaman in us. is a channel for me to use my power to help people. I promise to only do good through with I-Ching and other supernatural powers I possess. I do not practice black magic so please do not request to learn it. The best I can do in this field is to provide consultations on preventive cures without harming any innocent beings. I will be posting relevant information in this aspect on my website for reference purposes only.

Thank you.,

Your Sincerely,

Xuan Long Sen Ren