Yin Shan Sect (阴山派)

Folks have never heard of Yin Shan Sect/Lineage (阴山派). Even Chinese Singaporeans who watched too much Hong Kong Horror Movies may only hear of Mao-Shan Sect(茅山派).

This article will introduce one of the most “Yin” (Negative) Group of Taoist Sorcery Sect: Yin Shan Sect/Lineage (阴山派).

Yin Shan Sect/Lineage (阴山派) had prevailed during feudal society inXiang Xi (Western Hunan), Fujian, Zhejiang and other places. Sorcery Magic of Yin Shan Sect (阴山法术) was then spread to Si Chuan, Hunan, Yunnan, Gui Zhou, Guangdong etc. Afterward, it continued to spread to Southeast Asia. In Taiwan, it continues to develop.

In Taoist Sorcery Sects, they can be divided into 3 groups:

1) 1st group – Only focus on seeking help from Deities and Spiritual Soldiers from Heavenly Realms. This group’s motto is “Only do good and no evil”.

2) 2nd group – Seeking help from deities and spiritual soldiers from Heavens, Hells, and Earth. This group can do good and also the tendency to do evil. Example of this Group is Mao-Shan Sect/ Lineage (茅山派).

3) 3rd group – Only rely on seeking help from Deities, Demons and Spiritual Soldiers from Hell Realms and wandering spirits /ghosts on Earth. This group will use negative spiritual forces to do good but the specialty of this Yin (Negative) Group of Taoist Sorcery Sect is to use their Sorcery Magic to attack and seek revenge on enemies. Using negative Spiritual forces are direct, fast results and extremely powerful. Yin Shan Sect/Lineage (阴山派) belongs to this group.

In Yin Shan 
Sect, the main deities that are worshiped and the spiritual power called upon during rituals and to empower talismans are Yin Shan Lao Zu (阴山老祖) – Yin Shan Sect Founder and Gui-Li-Da-Wang (鬼力大王)- The Ghost King. Whenever You see talismans started off with Yin Shan Zhu Shi (阴山老祖) – Yin Shan Sect Founder and Gui-Li-Da-Wang (鬼力大王)- The Ghost King, You can be very sure they belong to Yin Shan Sect.

In Yin Shan Sect, the spiritual entities that are summoned to do work will always be the spiritual soldiers from hells (or Negative Realms), the 5 ghosts of 5 directions and also wandering spirits/ghosts on earth (Ghost Keeping as Spiritual Servants).

The well-known “5 ghosts” in Taoist Sorcery summoned by Yin Shan Sect are:

  • Central: Yao Bi Song (中央姚碧松)
  • North: Lin Jing Zhong (北方林敬忠)
  • West: Cai Zi Liang (西方蔡子良)
  • South: Zhang Zi Gui (南方张子贵)
  • East: Chen Gui Xian (東方陈贵先)

The uniqueness of Yin Shan Sect is that the placement of altar is always on the ground and never leave the ground. The reason is that the deities/spiritual soldiers/demons from hells are coming up from underground, instead of descending from heaven.

These are important sorcery skills of Yin Shan practitioners:

1) Make someone head over heels in love (Love Magic)

2) Separation of Couples – Make Couples always quarrel, Never Get Along, Cannot stand each other (Separation Magic)

3) 5 Ghosts To Disturb Enemy ( Use on Revenge / Attack Enemy)

4) Soul Calling Magic – To make someone goes crazy (Use on Revenge / Attack Enemy)

5) Soul Locking Magic – Confusion of Mind, Sharp deterioration of the surrounding environment, unsuccessful in all affairs (Use on Revenge / Attack Enemy)

6) Drive The Soul Magic – Confusion of Mind, Become Lunatic, Self-Talking, Body feeling like burning of fire, suicidal, accidental death. (Use on Revenge / Attack Enemy)

7) Throat Locking Magic – Make Someone Mute, Cannot Speak – Punish colleagues/enemies who love to badmouth behind the back. (Use on Revenge / Attack Enemy)

8)Lure back a Person who left home – Make the person miss home and come back himself/herself (Use on Family Members – Wife/Husband/Children)

9) Wealth Bringing Magic – Business Success, Customers coming to shop, Strike Lottery, Win in Gambling, success in anything related to money.

10) Ghosts Catching

11) Ghost Keeping

Articles source from Taoist sorcery website.

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