Southern Mao Shan Sect (南传茅山派)

Southern Mao Shan Sect (南传茅山派) is also known as:
Mao Shan is also spelled as Mau Shan. 

* Guang Dong Mao Shan Sect (广东茅山派)
* Mao Shan Shen Gong (茅山神功)

Take note that it is known as “Guang Dong” Mao Shan Sect (广东茅山派) but it is a religious culture originated from the Hakka People of Hakka Village, located in Guang Dong Area. Southern Mao Shan Sect (南传茅山派), together with Mao Shan Shen Gong (茅山神功) practices were then spread to other parts of South China and throughout South East Asia by the Southern Chinese Immigrants.

Below will share the legend, popular belief and actual historical records of Southern Mao Shan Sect and the Legendary Grand Masters of the Sect.

Popular Belief and Legend: 
The 3 Legendary Grand Masters of Southern Mao-Shan Lineage (南传茅山派):

* Zhang Fa Wang Gong (张法旺公) – 张子兴 (Zhang Zi Xing)
Native of Xīngníng County (兴宁)

* Hu Fa Wang Gong (胡法旺公) – 胡保清(Hu Bao Qing)
Originates from Wǔhuá 五華 county in Meizhou 梅州, Guangdong / Wuhua district of Kunming city 昆明市, Yunnan.

* Zhu Fa Wang Gong (朱法旺公) – 朱志飞 (Zhu Zhi Fei)
Ancestral hometown was in Tong Hang[塘坑], located in the Pearl River Delta, Dongguan [东莞], borders the provincial capital of Guangzhou to the north, Huizhou to the northeast, Shenzhen to the south, and the Pearl River to the west. It was in central Guangdong province.

Note: Fa Wong Gong (法旺公) is a Title Of Respect

Zhang Zi Xing (张子兴), Hu Bao Qing (胡保清) and Zhu Zhi Fei (朱志飞) proceed to Mao Shan Mountain to learn Taoist Magic Skills. They met Guō Fǎ Qiáng [郭法強] (The Great Immortal Guō Xiù Quán [郭秀全大仙]) and he took them as his disciples.

The three brothers’ teachings are also known as the Brother’s Denomination/Sect (兄弟教).

Three of them took the Oath to become sworn brothers on the 2nd day of the 10th Month in the lunar calendar at around midnight (11pm-1am). This day has now become the Festival of Brother Zhang and Brother Hu – Zhang Fa Wang Gong (张法旺公) and Hu Fa Wang Gong (胡法旺公).

After 3 years of training, Hu Bao Qing (胡保清) and Zhu Zhi Fei (朱志飞) returned back to hometown, while Zhang Zi Xing (张子兴) stayed in Nan Yang (Malay Archipelago) to show filial piety to the master for 10 years (张老师公留在南洋受孝恩师十年).

Zhang Fa Wang Gong (Brother Zhang) taught his Zhang family the Sheng Gong Xian Fa (神功仙法) and name it as Zhang Jia Jiao (张家教) – The Zhang Family Branch. In Zhang Family Branch, only a person with sir-name Zhang can be the successor of the next headmaster.

Zhang Fa Wang Gong also taught Sheng Gong Xian Fa (神功仙法) to folks who are not under Zhang Family and name it, Hao Tian Zheng Xing Jiao (昊天真心教).

Back in China, Hu Fa Wang Gong (胡法旺公) taught his Taoist Magical Skills only to 2 women, Cai Lao Ru Ren (蔡老孺人) and Huang Lao Ru Ren (黃老孺人).

After Zhang Fa Wang Gong returned back to China, he taught Taoist Magical Skills to Hu Xiu Hua (胡秀華) and called for making a tablet of Hu Fa Wang Gong and gave him the Title of Mao-Shan Shi Zhu (茅山
師主) and place on the altar with a couplet written “文雄光北斗、武略振南天”.

Actual historical records of  Hu Fa Wang (胡法旺): 

Hu Fa Wang (胡法旺)  was born in 1386, 24th day of the 8th lunar month, between 7 am to 9 am (辰时). He had 2 biological brothers, Hu Deng (胡澄) and Hu Hai (胡海). Three of them relocate from Feng Shun County, Tang Xi Town, Shi-Gang Village (丰顺县汤西镇石岗村) to Wu Hua County, Shuang Hua Town, Xia Hu Village (五华县双华镇下湖寨).

Due to the corruption of officials in the Ming Court, times were hard and people had no way of making a living. Hu Fa Wang (胡法旺), together with Zhang Fa Qing (张法青) and Liu Bo (廖伯) became sworn brothers and proceed to  Mao Shan Mountain, located at Ju-Rong County, Jiangsu Province (江苏省句容县茅山) to learn Taoist Magical Skills. After learning real Taoist magical Skills, they gained supernatural power.

Note: Historical Record state that  Hu Fa Wang (胡法旺), together with Zhang Fa Qing (张法青) and Liao Bai (廖伯) became sworn brothers. In popular legend, Hu Fa Wang  – Hu Bao Qing (胡保清), together with Zhang Zi Xing (张子兴) and Zhu Zhi Fei (朱志飞) became sworn brothers.

During Emperor Yong Le’s period, 1402 to 1424, due to turmoil and chaos of war, there was a food crisis in the Palace.  Hu Fa Wang’s Brother,  Hu Deng (胡澄) was given the mission to deliver soldiers’ provisions to Beijing within a deadline, or else death befalls whole family if exit the deadline. Upon knowing the news, Hu Fa Wang (胡法旺), together with Zhang Fa Qing (张法青) and Liao Bai (廖伯) came for assistance, applied their Taoist Magical Skills, they were able to deliver the goods safely before reaching the deadline and save the capital from falling apart.

Emperor Jing Tai,1449 to 1457, took note of their meritorious service, conferred :
* Deng Gong (澄公) –Hu Deng (胡澄) as “Officer of Five Districts” (五城兵马司都指挥副史)
* Fa Wang Gong as “Protection National Sorcery Master” (护国法师) 
* Zhang Fa Qing (张法青) and Liao Bai (廖伯) as “Protection National General” (护国大将军)

After that, the 3 sworn brothers welcome 2 more newcomers – Chen Wan Yi Lang (陈万一郎) and Wei Shi Lou (魏石楼). They became known as the Five Gallants (五义). They protected the country and help the folks.

Articles source from Taoist sorcery website.

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