Kumantong ( กุมารทอง ) , is also spelled as Kuman Tong / Kuman Thong/ Guman Thong. Kumantong is a Divine Child Spirit. Worshipers of Kumantong consider them as Deities in Thailand.

In the olden days, the main purpose of creating Kumantong was to protect the owner. The young child ghost could be activated with Mantra to fight the owner’s enemies and to protect the owner’s treasures.

In those days, the Occult master had to go to the graveyard alone in the night, dig up the corpse of a dead pregnant woman, cut the corpse’s abdomen and then proceed directly to the nearest temple outer area for the roasting processes. That’s the safe place to protect the ghost mother from trying to bring her baby back. So only the strong-mind person who possesses the advanced magical knowledge to subdue the ghost may do this.

In this present era, Kumantongs is created mainly for the purpose of bringing good luck, wealth and for fortune purposes, attract customers into the shop and protect owners from harm and harming no one.

The video clip below state that Kumantong is actually a Baby/Child Ghost, but most Kumantong owners worship them as deities. Kumantongs have to accept Buddhism and do no harm before they are given the status of “Kumantong”.

Out of Compassion, Monks or Ar-Chans (Spiritual Masters of Thailand) in these present days still continue creating Kumantongs by invoking the souls of an aborted fetus so as to liberate them. The souls of aborted fetuses are in great suffering, they are lost earthbound ghosts. A specific mantra is chanted to invite their souls to reside in the figurines.

By offering these souls of aborted fetuses a place to reside and with the daily recitation of mantras, the keepers transfer their merits to these souls and pray that they are liberated. At the same time, these spiritual beings will bring prosperity and fortune and look after the keepers.

Articles source from Taoist sorcery website.

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