Jin Ying Sect (金英教派)Brief Introduction to Jing Ying Sect / Kim Eng Pai (金英教派)


Master Jin Ying aka Jin Ying Zu Shi (金英祖师), an actual name known as Lin Jin Ying (林金英), born in Ming Dynasty (生于明朝), 24th Day of Lunar 11 Month (农历十一月廿四日). Hometown in China Jiang Su Province, Xu Zhou City Dong Shan County (祖籍于江苏省徐州市铜山县).

According to records, on the Day of Jin Ying’s Birth, the neighbors saw a Big & Bright-color Eagle flying around in the mid-air above Jin Ying’s home. After a while, Jin Ying was born and at the moment of his born, the House was filled with a Nice Fragrance of Sandal-wood. With the sighting of an Eagle and the smelling of Fragrance, Jin Ying’s Parent knew that this Baby was not “Normal” and so, Jin Ying’s Father gave the Baby the name of “Jin Ying” – meaning the Golden Eagle (even though the Ying is not the Character for Eagle 鹰).

3 Days after the Birth of Jin Ying, a Taoist Priest arrived at the House of Jin Ying. Due to Mrs. Lin was doing her confinement, so that Mr. Lin had to attend to the arrival of the Priest. After entering in the House, Jin Ying started to cry out loud. Upon hearing the crying, the Priest nodded his head and request Mr. Lin whether he could take a look at the Baby.

Mr. Lin was more than happy to bring the Baby out and after a look at Jin Ying, the Priest recited a Poem. Upon the completion of the recitation, Jin Ying stopped crying and stared at the Priest and out of sudden, Jin Ying called out 2 words – Shi Fu (师父), meaning Master.

Mr. Lin was shocked and with immediate action, he kneeled down in front of the Priest and asked why Jin Ying was able to speak, which he was only born 3 Days again.

Upon hearing that, the Priest sincerely asked Mr. Lin to stand-up and told him, Jin Ying was actually an Immortal who vowed to return back to the Mortal Realm to perform his Cultivation Tasks. After checking on the Credits & Merits of the Lin Family, Jin Ying decided to get his Manifestation in the Lin Family.

Hearing that, Mr. Lin was delighted and faithfully requested the Priest to accept Jin Ying as the Disciple in-order to assist him in accomplishing the Cultivation Task. The Priest smiled and accepted the request. From then, the Priest stayed in the House to impart the Taoist Skills to Jin Ying.

At the age of 3 Years Old, Jin Ying was able to chant & recite most of the Taoist Scriptures & Mantras.

By the age of 5, with the Recommendation of the Priest, Jin Ying went to Hokkien Province Nan An City (南安市) to seek other Spiritual Skills from another Taoist Priest. Upon reaching, Jin Ying’s Master made a depart with him and advised him that, soon they were meet again in another Special Venue. Knowing that his Master was going to leave him, Jin Ying felt very upset and started to cry in front of the Priest. Just before the Tears roll down, his Master told him, as a Taoist, you shall only Cry for the Sufferings, Cried for the Needy, not to cry for such Issues. As a Taoist, Compassionate shall be dedicated to the Big Group and not to Ownself.

After getting the Lecturing, Jin Ying reluctantly made 3 Kowtows to the Priest and with a gust of Fume, the Priest ascended into the Air and just as Jin Ying was about to call out to his Master, the Priest asked Jin Ying to remember his Taoist Title – Bi Xu Shang Jing Tai Yi Zhen Ren (碧虚上景太乙真人).

Immediately after Jin Ying departed with his Master, the other Priest came forward to lead Jin Ying to the Cultivation Venue. Soon, Jin Ying started his other Cultivation in Nan An City.

At the age of 7, the Nan An Priest told Jin Ying that he had completed whatever he needed to learn and it’s time for him to return back to his hometown. Upon hearing that, Jin Ying was happy and again upset due to the departure. Before Jin Ying set-off for his journey, the Nan An Priest passed Jin Ying a Waist-bag with 12 Talismans (十二道符) and advised him to use the 1st Piece after he returned back. Jin Ying was about to ask why, but with a gust of Fume, the Nan An Priest disappeared in front of him. With no choices, Jin Ying had to leave the place with Doubts.

Within a Month, Jin Ying reached his hometown in Jiang Su Province, but to his horror, the Village that he stay-in was seriously infected with Strange-sickness. With no hesitation, Jin Ying took out the Talisman that his 2nd Master gave him and burnt it.

Soon after the Burning of the Talisman, the Cloud above him turned Dark and within moments, Thunder Roar and Rain started to pour. As the Rain was pouring, a strong Fragrance of Herbs was being emitted from the Rain and the Fragrance started to flow around the whole Village.

About 15 Minutes (一刻钟), the Rain stopped and just at the same moment, All the Villagers were cured and able to walk out from their Home to the Street. Knowing that the Villagers were cured by the Talisman, Jin Ying kneel-down and made his Kowtows to the Heaven and sincerely Thanks his 2 Masters.

At the age of 8, in the Morning of 5th Day of Lunar 3 Month (得道日为农历叁月初五日), a Golden Brightness was shined onto the Roof-top of Jin Ying’s House. After a while, the Villagers saw Jin Ying slowly ascended into the Air thru the Golden Brightness. Just as the moment when Jin Ying’s Parent ran out from the House, Jin Ying made a smile and waved to his Parent and the other Villagers, telling them that he had to return to the Celestial Palace (天庭) to meet up with his Masters.

Due to Jin Ying ever saved the Villagers’ Life, they were happy and upset for Jin Ying to leave them at such a Young Age. Within moments, Jin Ying disappeared in the Air and only left a Red-light Spot above the Village.

From then, the Villagers built Temple dedicated to Jin Ying. Till today, in Jiang Su Province & Nan An City, you are still able to see Temples dedicated to Master Jin Ying.

Because of the age when Master Jin Ying got his Enlightenment, most of the Statues that the Taoists or Chinese dedicated to him are in Young-boy form. And due to the appearance, a lot of Folks tend to mistake him as Na Zha (哪咤), the Son of Pagoda King Li Jing (托塔天王李靖).

In Taoist Lv Shan Sect (道教闾山派), Master Jin Ying is also known as Xue Shang Sheng Zhe (雪山圣者).

In Qing Dynasty (清朝年间), a Hakka Clan Priest (广东博罗县罗浮山客籍道士) known as Lin Xian Jiang (林显江) used the Name of Master Jin Ying to set up Jin Ying Sect (金英教). From then, Jin Ying Sect was being pass-down till today. Due to Priest Lin Xian Jiang was a Priest who mastered Talisman Skills from the various Taoist & Spiritual Groups, after he founded Jin Ying Sect, he merged most of the Talisman Skills into One, which was known as Jin Ying Spiritual Skill.

The appearance of Young Master Jin Ying:

1) Young Age Boy of about 5-8 Years Old
2) Both Hands holding on to 2 Round Golden Balls (双金球) or Sun & Moon Plate (日月盘) – represent the Spiritual Energies from Yin & Yang
3) Wearing Du Dou (肚兜) or Prince-Robe (太子袍)
4) On the waist, a Bag filled with Talismans.
5) 1 Leg stepping on Cloud/Stone or Sitting on Lotus

Misconceptions & Misleading Information to Clarify:

1) Due to Records of Master Jin Ying is closely connected with the Golden Eagle, Folks tend to mistaken Master Jin Ying is the Disciple of Buddha. Cos in some Records, Buddha does owe an Eagle above his Seat. And in Folks Culture, Tang San Zang (唐叁藏) was known as the Re-incarnation of the Golden Cicada (金蝉), the Folks tend to pair these Master Jin Ying & Tang San Zang together, telling People that they are Dharma-mates under Buddha.

2) In Ming Dynasty, the Chaotic Period of Mixing Religions and Fighting for gaining the Fame of Religious Leaders, the Folks Groups tend to import Deities & Immortals into their Religions in-order to gain more Followers’ Support. Master Jin Ying was one of them.

After Importing Master Jin Ying into the Group, the Folks Groups claimed that they are the Branch-out of Quan Zhen Sect (叁教全真道) – a Sect that Promotes the Combination of Three Religions’ Teaching. From then, most of the Folks Groups used the Reputation of Three Religions to do Promotion of their Culture.

3) In Late Ming Dynasty (明朝末年), after the Three Religions’ Groups started to get more Popular, some Spiritual Teachers started to import the Ancient Liu Ren Sect (古六壬派) into the New Created Liu Ren Sect (新六壬派 which most of the Liu Ren Sect Groups that we can found in Today are from that Period).

And in order to gain the Supports from the Followers of Master Jin Ying, Master Jin Ying was being imported and was made as the Main Spiritual Deity of the Modern Liu Ren Sect.

Ancient Liu Ren Sect does not involve in Mediumship, Summoning of Spirits, Catching of Ghosts, Playing of Sharp-objects, Issuing of Wealth-Talismans or Combining of another form of Teaching from any other Religions.

Ancient Liu Ren Sect was being pass-down by Old Master Li Bo (李播) aka Taoist Priest Huang Guan Zi (黄冠子) to his son Li Chun Feng (李淳风) & Disciple Yuan Tian Gang (袁天罡).

Only those who still followed the Teaching of Li Chun Feng & Yuan Tian Gang are known as the Official Taoist Liu Ren Students, other than that, the Modern Liu Ren Students’ Spiritual Master will be Master Jin Ying or Master Li Chun Feng.










道长笑而应允,自此长驻林家以授金英道法。 当祖师叁岁时,金英祖师己能朗诵大部份道藏以及持咒。


甫抵市内,金英的师傅即行离去并指示金英将会重遇其命中驻定的师傅并学习特殊道法 。










符化后天上白云转为乌黑,雷雨大发, 大雨降下,药草馥郁随雨而降,满村异香。



一道金光照射在金英家屋顶上 。







清朝年间 广东博罗县罗浮山客家道士林显江借金英祖师之名创立金英教,自此金英教流传至今。


1) 5-8岁男童。

2) 双手持双金球或持日月盘,代表阴阳灵力。



5) 单足踏云或石上,又或坐莲花。


1) 基于金英祖师事蹟记录祖师跟金鹰有大关连, 民间自此误传金英乃佛陀弟子 ,因佛陀座上方有金翅鸟在。

民间传说 唐叁藏乃金蝉祖师转世。


2) 明朝,在众多宗教角遂宗教领袖的名誉而形成混乱斗争。


金英祖师乃 其中一位。引入金英祖师进入民间法教后并宣称其为(叁教全真道) – 一个宣扬叁教合一的教派, 自此大部民间道教组织利用叁教的名义去推行其教派文化。

3) 明朝末年,当叁教全真道越来越流行,一些师傅开始加入外来的古六壬派法门进入新建立的新六壬派 ,而大部份现今的 六壬门派乃发源于此时期。





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